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Meeting your emotional needs is critical in today’s society, especially if you live in a high-pressure metropolis like London. The stresses of everyday life can show in a variety of ways, including a sense of futility, panic attacks, and low self-esteem.

I am a Person Centred Counsellor of Italian origin with 15 years of expertise in both the private and public sectors in London.

I graduated from Middlesex University with a diploma in Person Centred counselling. During my course, I finished an internship at a Soho clinic that focused on treating drug, alcohol, gambling, and sex addiction.

I’ve learned a lot during my 15 years of practise by working with clients in person and online.  I’m taking regular cpd courses and I had personal therapy.

My experience encompasses:

Difficult relationships and separations

Work stress and loss of work

Panic attacks

Anxiety and fear

Drug addiction

Alcohol dependence


Unhappiness and depression

Isolation and loneliness

Sexual identity problems

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Crisis and existential emptiness

We decide jointly on the course of the treatment, including its duration, by working honestly and empathically with you.

My clients will progressively reclaim control of their lives as we progress through the sessions thanks to the process of getting to know oneself.

Thus, if you have the time, motivation, and desire to learn more about yourself and your environment, you’re undoubtedly at the correct spot.


Some interesting facts about my business


Locations & Virtual


years experience


100% 5 star reviews online

My Fees Are

HOLBORN £90 per session

Monday & Wednesday
2pm – 10pm

FINCHELY CENTRAL £75 per session

available weekdays
12pm – 5pm

VIRTUALE £70 per session

Monday to Thursday
psicologo italiano a londra

Main Office

37 Museum Street
London WC1A 1LQ

    I confirm, I am 18 years old


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